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Welcome to the remodeled ScriptVirt website!

Our ultimate goal is to improve the user experience and make ScriptVirt a better place:
1) Besides Bitcoins, we have introduced new payment methods: Credit cards (most countries are supported, if yours isn't - PM me) and Apple Pay (must load the website using your iPhone), Wechat+Alipay (for Chinese users)
2) In addition to UCS, HandsFree rotations are now also available at EWT and LuaBox platforms! Free trials will be introduced by the end of this week as well! Please see the GUIDES section on the website as the authorization method has changed.
3) We will have a dedicated convenient bug tracker system ready in a couple of days
4) We will have a better structured forum place on the website within a week
5) We will have EWT / LB HF affiliate program (invite friend) by the end of the month

The only downside is that we had to wipe the database, so
1) to make a purchase you would need to register a new account please
2) users with active EWT / LB HF subscription would need to pm me in Discord (Fury#4360) with your old and new login credentials (emails) and ask to activate your subscriptions at the new website. All requests are proceeded within 24 hours

Please report any bugs found on the website.

Thank you!

Director of Operations


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First time launching the program or not sure how to manage the settings in game? Don't worry, it's simple. Follow the comprehensive PDF and Video guides we've prepared for you.


Join or public discussion at the forum place. Share your experience, ask the community, and discuss the best practices. Users with active subscriptions may also request access to our private Discord group for VIP support


Have an improvement idea or a bug report? Do not hesitate to share it with our team. Make sure to upload as many details as possible for the highest quality solution in a timely manner. Follow the status of your ticket and chat with the devs if necessary