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Shadowlands Support
UCS supports WoW: Shadowlands 9.0 now! Both HF and KFM rotations are fully playable!
Dear users, thank you for supporting UCS rotations! We hope you enjoy the game with us and don’t be shy to tell your friends about it! Remember, a fully scripted team always has a greater potential than a single UCS player!
From today on until the official release of Shadowlands, each existing UCS user can invite up to 5 users by filling your username (email) as the referrer upon registration in the UCS launcher. Both of you will get 10% credits back instantly into your accounts should the invited new user recharge 40+ credits until the promotion is over. Each referral is entitled to get 40 FREE credits back in total maximum for each user.
For example, user A is the referrer of the new user B. So once user B recharges 40 credits, user A and user B will get FREE 4 credits back into each UCS account. But if user B recharges only 8 credits, there would be no credits back at this time.


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First time launching the program or not sure how to manage the settings in game? Don't worry, it's simple. Follow the comprehensive PDF and Video guides we've prepared for you.


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See what we offer and grab a 3 days access to try it:

* HF Combat Rotations – professional PvP-oriented rotations

* KFM Combat Rotations – high-end PvE rotations

* Pandora Box – general non-class specific features

* Commander – a helper for multi-boxing players

* Gladiator – a fully-automated PvP movement script

* GPS – a framework to design, develop and run AFK projects