Set up GUIDE
Fury Set up GUIDE

1.You need to have active LuaBox subscription (30EUR/month)

2.Launch LuaBox, and login to your World of Warcraft account. Once in world, click LuaBox minimap icon (1) and click “Turn on developer mode” (2) to make it green. Make sure “Auto” (3) scripts load is disabled (red). Click “TypeBoxCore” (4) and select “HandsFreeSL” or “HandsFreeClassic” (5) accordingly

3. Click “Load” (6) to launch HF Authorization Menu in game

4. Input your login credentials (email and password) and click LOGIN. Your data will be saved for the next game session

5. Type “/hf” or right-click mimimap red crown HF icon to open the settings. Mouseover a setting option to read its description

6. You may need to disable any UI modifying Addons, like ElviUI because of compatibility issues that they bring. Also do not load the default Luabox "Typebox" rotations together with Handsfree

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