Best class to use with Handsfree
Fury Best class to use with Handsfree

If you're looking for a "best performing" HandsFree rotation, you won't find an answer. Well, you will find as many as 36 different answers from different people. And the fact someone succeeds with a class doesn't mean another player will. PvP is very dynamic and unstable environment (unlike PvE, where you can for sure say that the only thing that matters is your gear and rotation quality). In PvP you'll have to add your teammates and their skills, your teamplay, your own strategy knowledge and arena experience and even luck on top of that. So yeah, it's all very personal and I always say play the class YOU want to play and you will be happy about it. It takes time to build synergy with a rotation, but once you master it and master your knowledge of the class and arena in general (by watching the streams and playing yourself), you'll have great results with any class/spec.

Still, if you're looking for a fast and simple start - a melee dps is your best choice (maybe except Rogues, they require thoughtful control, just like Mages). RDPS are always fun, Healers are most demanded (so you’ll be able to find a team easily). 

Now if we’re looking at healers, I'd say a shaman is somewhat “handsfree” with HF rotation, a very balanced class with a few cool spells that can be utilizes via scripts, like low CD ranged kick or totems etc. Monk is a beast, never lets anyone die, although at a high mana expense. Priest and Paladin are normal healers, but both require an "aggressive" style to manage it well (utilizing /hf hdps macro and major CDs). Druids are the strongest and hardest heals when played manually, because too much depends on how well you rotate cyclones.

So generally, a mix of HF and custom macros/control is how you will succeed the best. HF is smart and fast about a lot of things. But a human brain experienced in PvP will always be able to make a better decision, especially about Cooldowns management. 

HF isn't "AI", it responds to stimulus and events. Healer trinkets? HF blinds to get a huge cc on the healer. You get bursted? HF uses defs etc. But you still need to

help control the flow of the arena, you need to know about your arena partners, movement, positioning etc.

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