I don’t receive emails.
– Check your spam and promo folder or search for “scriptvirt” in your email box. Note that you will not receive any email after EWT or LuaBox product purchases, instead check the First Launch Guide page

What is the difference between the platforms UCS, EWT and LuaBox?
– All three platforms are highly competitive and perform equally well. Choose one, you don’t need to buy them all. Note that for EWT and LuaBox platforms we only sell HandsFree rotations, while at UCS you can also find KFM Rotations and few additional utility modules. Also, EWT (20$/mo paid in BitCoin) and LuaBox (30EUR/mo) require their own subscription as well, while for UCS you simply buy “credits” and use them in UCS launcher to subscribe to any Rotation. More info can be found at this article

I can’t proceed a PayPal payment.
– We can’t proceed business PayPal accounts. You can downgrade it to personal or checkout as a guest or pay with BTC. If you are from Russia, please choose RUB currency on the right side screen of the home page.

I paid with BitCoins and did’t receive my product.
– We approve BTC payments manually. Please contact support if you haven’t received your product within 12 hours after payment.

Are the products here detectable and banable?
– ScriptVirt team selects the safest options available on the market at the moment. So the risk is minimum, but it’s all yours. We wouldn’t like to vouch for any of the platforms or choose the “safest”. In average, banwaves may happen once a year. However, don’t forget that you would only get your WoW account banned, not the BNet account, which means you could create a new WoW account and have all the Heirlooms, Mounts, Pets, Appearances, most Titles and various achievements shared.

Will I be able to achieve high results with such helping tools?
– The products at ScriptVirt are proved with high performance and efficiency. But remember that the true success comes with a balanced personal contribution.

What is the best product?
– All ScriptVirt utilities are of their highest potential. The choice is totally up to you, much depends on personal preferences. They say the easiest PvP classes to start with are melee DPS, the hardest – Mage and Rogue (require extra team coordination and therefore manual input). In PvE all classes ought to do well by default. Grab a trial first!

Will you continue working in the future and will I have to pay extra for updates?
– One of conditions of ScriptVirt promoted products is to provide automatic and free-of-charge updates during the subscription period.

Is it easy to setup and run the tools?
– It is usually very simple to run. First of all, you should always read the installation guide. In case if you do not find an answer there or have a critical issue, you may always contact the support team directly.

Do you have a community of users who share their experience?
– We have to keep it private. After a purchase, please do not hesitate to apply by contacting Fury#4360 in Discord.

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