In order to run the combat rotations and scripts, you need to have a special platform program. We are proud to introduce our quality World of Warcraft combat products available across 3 different platforms, including:

  • United Combat Solutions – the simplest solution for beginners and undecided. Doesn’t require additional subscriptions or payments. Has a nice and simple UI and supports most of the WoW languages. Simply get the UCS credits and subscribe directly in the launcher! It also has the widest variety of products: there are HandsFree (PvP), KFM (PvE) Rotations, Pandora extra features scripts and Commander multi-session module available at UCS platform;


  • EWT – another decent platform which can be used to run HandsFree Rotations. Besides having the Rotation subscription purchased on our website, you will also need to have EWT subscription itself (20USD for a month paid in BitCoins only);


  • LuaBox – the last, but not the least platform that HandsFree Rotations support. Also requires a separate subscription of LuaBox (costs extra 30EUR/month).
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