At United Combat Solutions (UCS) platform you are able to choose from several Combat Rotations and Utility Scripts:

  • HF Combat Rotations – professional PvP oriented rotations with casual PvE support
  • KFM Combat Rotations – high end PvE rotations
  • Pandora Box – general non-class specific features for the comfort of your everyday WoW life
  • Commander – a helper for multi-boxing players, where party members obey leader’s commands

More details and update logs on each module you can find in the UCS launcher.

Important quotes from the User Terms:

  • UCS disclaims all the responsibility for your gaming account as it’s impossible to control it at the user’s end;
  • There is no reversal, exchange or refund of existing subscription in any forms. Therefore, we suggest getting a “Trial” first;
  • UCS does not support ancient CPU models, including, but not limited to, 1st and 2nd generation of Intel-Core processors;
  • UCS does not work on Mac OS, Windows 7 or Windows 10 Insider Preview Build.

Steps to get started on UCS platform:

  • Select the amount of cards (x40 credits) you wish to buy according to the pricing table below. Click the price button to add the items to the cart.
  • After purchase you will receive an Email (check spam box too) with the prepaid card number and the download link for the UCS installer including a comprehensive tutorial (Readme.pdf).
  • After UCS is installed, recharge the prepaid card from the Email to get the credits and use them to subscribe to a module in the UCS launcher directly. No additional fee or a separate platform subscription is needed.

With 80+ credits recharged, you can apply for our community Discord channel to get privileged live support. Contact Fury#8658

For 8 credits you are about to purchase (1 EUR = 1 UCS Credit) you can test 1 class of both HF and KFM rotations and Pandora Box for 3 days

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