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  • WoW: Retail (Shadowlands)UCSHands FreeMonk
    Report User #92 26.02.2021 18:00
    #1379 New
    MW UCS HF Monk is not using Anymore Summon Jade Serpent Statue

    this abiltie is not being used anymore Summon Jade Serpent Statue

    here is the link


  • WoW: Retail (Shadowlands)UCSKFM (PvE)Mage
    Report Ekeyoo#3653 26.02.2021 07:52
    #1378 New
    Firestarter talent messes up with combustion enabled setting

    Sorry made the report for handsfree when its supposed to be KFM. Rotation will force use rune of power instead of doing the proper rotation for combustion hence losing uptime and damage.

  • WoW: Retail (Shadowlands)UCSKFM (PvE)Paladin
    Report Rod 26.02.2021 03:46
    #1377 New
    Auras stopping rotation

    don't know why is happening activating auras is causing an error

  • WoW: Retail (Shadowlands)UCSKFM (PvE)Paladin
    Report User #806 26.02.2021 03:42
    #1376 New
    Blazing angel switch

    Blazing angel switch

  • WoW: Retail (Shadowlands)UCSHands FreePaladin
    Report User #2662 25.02.2021 15:38
    Status changed 26.02.2021 08:41
    #1375 Fixed
    Beacon of Faith and Beacon light keeps spamming
    in BG HF will bug out and start spamming Beacon of Faith and Beacon of Light on everyone.  it wont heal or do anything else.  I have to stop HF wait a few and hope it doesnt do it again.   Happened several times in the last few weeks.
  • WoW: Retail (Shadowlands)UCSKFM (PvE)Paladin
    Report User #2662 25.02.2021 15:19
    #1374 New
    Holy Pally Aura Error 1335

    getting "Paladin-Holy":(String"(SL-KFM) Paladin-Holy"):1335: attempt to index local "aura_spell")(a boolean value)

    This happens when i try to start KFM

  • WoW: Retail (Shadowlands)UCSHands FreeDeath Knight
    Report User #4308 25.02.2021 15:18
    Status changed 26.02.2021 08:41
    #1373 Fixed
    Automove problem

    When you stop HF Rotation automove keep moving and you are unable to take control of character unless you die.

    It would be great if stopping rotation Gladiator automove could stop too.

  • WoW: Retail (Shadowlands)UCSHands FreeHunter
    Report User #921 24.02.2021 23:15
    Status changed 26.02.2021 08:41
    #1371 Fixed
    Death Chakram not being used

    Death Chakram  spell=325028 not being used in burst. Could you please add it thanks

  • WoW: Retail (Shadowlands)UCSKFM (PvE)Paladin
    Report User #4090 24.02.2021 20:05
    #1370 New
    Uses Aura Mastery even tho its disabled

    Rotation uses Aura Mastery as soon as it comes off cooldown after i manualy casted it. And as soon as in leaves combat, AM is casted instantly.

    Aura Mastery is completly disabled

  • WoW: Retail (Shadowlands)UCSHands FreeDemon Hunter
    Report User #2317 24.02.2021 16:10
    Status changed 26.02.2021 08:41
    #1369 Fixed
    Trinkets not being used

    Trinkets are not being used in burst mode or even CD mode.

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