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  • WoW: Retail (Shadowlands)EWTHands FreeDemon Hunter
    Report User9999 05.12.2020 01:36
    #258 New
    Game freezes during game play
    Within 5 minutes of starting a fight, game freezes.  Only happens with Vengeance.
  • WoW: Retail (Shadowlands)UCSHands FreePaladin
    Report User #1458 05.12.2020 00:03
    #257 New
    HF Paladin does not use any offensive spells

    I test out all three specs of paladin just killing mobs in the world. All of them just makes my character spamming and canceling spells (it does not use any damage spells) and only use defensive spells at low hp (HF is in default setting)

    All spells in the spell bar is in GCD all the time. The spell circle will turn 45 degrees and repeat.

    Also, there is a sound keep spamming after each cycle something like "da da da da da da da..."


  • WoW: Retail (Shadowlands)UCSHands FreePriest
    Report User #2496 04.12.2020 23:35
    #256 Fixed
    Mind games Facing

    Auto facing doesn't work for shadowpriest mindgames

  • WoW: Retail (Shadowlands)UCSHands Free + KFMWarrior
    Report User #2821 04.12.2020 23:30
    #255 New
    Shattering throw not implemented and not working

    As tittle Suggests , Don't think its implemented yet , Not being used in arenas , skirmishes or Bgs on Paladin bubbles , mage Ice Blocks

  • WoW: Retail (Shadowlands)UCSHands FreePriest
    Report User #2745 04.12.2020 22:29
    #254 Fixed
    interrupt shining force change

    thanks for implementing a kick for shining force, however, it is not what i had in mind

    shining force can be used on any ally from 40 yd away, but it is currently only casting it on yourself

    what i wanted was for shining force to be used as an extra interrupt for melee dps that are in range, so you cast it on your melee dps in order to use the knockback as a kick

    do not use shining force to kick penance as it is a knockback, and it won't work...

  • WoW: Retail (Shadowlands)UCSHands FreePriest
    Report User #2745 04.12.2020 22:15
    #253 Denied
    mind control auto stop feature on low hp

    add in a feature for auto stop cast mind control when teammate goes below low % hp

    cr currently will hold mind control even if your teammate goes under 20-30% hp. perhaps should also stop if your hp goes low as well

  • WoW: Retail (Shadowlands)UCSHands FreePriest
    Report User #2745 04.12.2020 21:55
    #252 Fixed
    need fix asap disc spamming shadowmend until oom fae guardians

    when using fae guardians the cr just spams shadowmend until you go oom. it does not check to see if the Buff "Benevolent Faerie" is on, which is why it is spamming. 

    the CR must not spam shadowmend for the sake of keeping the buff on, it must not overheal.

    this needs to be fixed asap, because even if you manually press fae guardians, the cr still spams until oom, making that ability unplayable

    in my opinion, ideally the...

  • WoW: Retail (Shadowlands)UCSKFM (PvE)Hunter
    Report User #2415 04.12.2020 20:06
    #251 New

    volly does not use smart placement on the ground between mobs to get the best coverage, it drops it straight on 1 mob

  • WoW: Retail (Shadowlands)UCSHands FreePriest
    Report Stojke 04.12.2020 18:15
    #250 New
    Void Bolt not used

    It is not using Void Bolt in Void Eruption form. Talented into Hungering Void. Does not cast it with either standing still or moving.

  • WoW: Retail (Shadowlands)UCSKFM (PvE)Rogue
    Report Baelfiiire 04.12.2020 17:50
    #249 New
    pre combat roll the bone

    i dont know if this is possible , but is it possible to roll the bone right before you get to a mob , lets say within 10 yards of a target you auto roll the bones ? so that you dont have to waste a GCD while fighting ? its just a idea that popped in my head and it might be a huge dps increase for us , also if RTB only has one buff active and it is off cd , it should be used to reroll.

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