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  • WoW: ClassicEWTKFM (PvE)
    Report Aquagolik 19.10.2020 08:08
    #49 New
  • n/an/aDruid
    Report User #673 19.07.2020 06:01
    #44 New
    Resto Druid will not use Cat or Bear abilities 222
    <p>Will not use Bear or Cat abilities as Resto spec, but as Guardian or Feral it will use it's respective abilities 11111</p><p><br></p><ol><li>фыоврфылво</li><li>фыоврлыорв</li><li>asd</li><li>asd</li><li>asd</li><li>asd</li></ol>
  • n/an/aDemon Hunter
    Report Cory 22.06.2020 01:22
    #35 Fixed
    Mana Rift
    I noticed that theres no setting in KFM/ HF that has any options relating the Havoc PVP Talent, Mana Rift.

    the idea is to use mana rift just 2 seconds before a stun finishes (like chaos nova, fel eruption, or Imprison) so that the target (usually a healer) cant avoid it.
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