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  • WoW: Retail (Shadowlands)UCSHands FreeMage
    Report User #2830 13.05.2021 14:15
    #2786 New
    Ring of Frost on dead characters
    Rotation is casting Ring of Frost on dead healers.
  • WoW: Retail (Shadowlands)UCSKFM (PvE)Hunter
    Report SMK#5474 13.05.2021 09:17
    #2785 New
    Pet ability support

    We have 'Surivival of the fittest' ability which could be auto used when you have less than 40% HP.  Would help a lot.

  • WoW: Retail (Shadowlands)UCSHands FreeWarrior
    Report User #4113 13.05.2021 06:41
    #2784 New
    HF Fury Warrior AoE range check is off

    Whirlwind has 8 yard range and the buff it triggers will also allow melee ability to hit targets 8 yard away. 

    However, HF seems to be setting this range wrong. Targets all have to be ~2-3 yard within for HF to start the AoE rotation. If targets are more than 3 yards away, it will use the single target rotation even when the "All Units" option are selected. 

  • WoW: Retail (Shadowlands)UCSKFM (PvE)Warrior
    Report User #2817 12.05.2021 13:34
    #2783 New
    Rotation randomly stops and dosnt start on mobs

    Combat randomly stops and auto attacks full rage, i just did a mots and majority of the mobs rotation didnt start till sub 80 % was fun on 2nd boss clones and pride its unholy dk all over again plx dont take 2 months to fix D:

  • WoW: Retail (Shadowlands)UCSHands FreePaladin
    Report User #4214 12.05.2021 11:11
    #2782 New
    FPS issues after update

    Hallo. After last update i got big FPS issues in Wow. the screen looks fuzzy when i move the camera.

  • WoW: Retail (Shadowlands)UCSHands FreePriest
    Report 1Botnet 11.05.2021 20:49
    Status changed 11.05.2021 23:36
    #2781 Fixed
    Disc overlaps PS and Dome

    Disc overlaps PS and Dome when don't over lap CDs is selected.

  • WoW: Retail (Shadowlands)UCSHands FreePriest
    Report User #4522 11.05.2021 12:55
    Status changed 11.05.2021 22:13
    #2780 Fixed
    Purge Spell Reflect Spam

    When spell reflect is up on a warrior, the CR will spam purge.

    According to discord, this was intended but the interaction looks to no longer work this way because it will keep casting purge 10+ times on the warrior and stopping all other actions.

    Can we instead use mind flay to break spell reflect?

  • WoW: Retail (Shadowlands)UCSKFM (PvE)Warrior
    Report User #4113 11.05.2021 01:04
    #2779 New
    Execute does not cast on target in execute range when not targeting it

    In multitarget situations, if there is a current target selected that is not in execute range but surrounding targets are in execute range, KFM will not cast execute. This is a big dps loss. Please have KFM check for all surrounding valid target and automatically cast execute on them without having to manually switch target.

  • WoW: Retail (Shadowlands)UCSKFM (PvE)Druid
    Report User #4623 10.05.2021 23:32
    #2778 New
    Rotation dosnt work correctly

    i have a problem, when i start the rotation he start "starfire" 1 time ... then he cast 2 times "wrarth" and the lunar eclipse begins .. but he dont want to cast starfire anymore .. he start cast wrath/cancel/wrath/cancel/wrath/cancel ... someone got the same problem? :/ my dmg is really low because of that .. i tried to explain at the best way as i can ... next step would be google translator if this isnt understandable =x

  • WoW: Retail (Shadowlands)UCSHands FreeHunter
    Report zetinator 10.05.2021 13:39
    Status changed 11.05.2021 22:22
    #2777 Fixed
    All Units/Single Target Bug

    Hi, something is a little bit wrong wit hthe rotation.



    One time it looks only target but the bm hunter use multishot while in the button looks all units .. its a bit confuse? Idk is that only on hunter or on all other classes aswell

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