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  • WoW: Retail (Shadowlands)UCSHands FreePriest
    Report User #3024 16.01.2021 15:31
    #1004 New
    CR doesnt attack Regenerating Wildseed

    As the title says, SP dont attack the pod. 100% added to the totem stomp tables. Tried reset to defaults as well.

  • WoW: Retail (Shadowlands)UCSKFM (PvE)Priest
    Report 贱贱思密达 16.01.2021 15:00
    #1003 New
    Spirit Shell

    <span jsaction="agoMJf:PFBcW;usxOmf:aWLT7;jhKsnd:P7O7bd,F8DmGf;Q4AGo:Gm7gYd,qAKMYb;uFUCPb:pvnm0e,pfE8Hb,PFBcW;f56efd:dJXsye;EnoYf:KNzws,ZJsZZ,JgVSJc;zdMJQc:cCQNKb,ZJsZZ,zchEXc;Ytrrj:JJDvdc;tNR8yc:GeFvjb;oFN6Ye:hij5Wb" jscontroller="Zl5N8" jsmodel="SsMkhd" jsname="txFAF" class="JLqJ4b ChMk0b" data-language-for-alternatives="en" data-language-to-translate-into="zh-CN" data-phrase-index="0" jsdata="uqLsIf;_;$63" style="-webkit-tap-highlight-color: transparent; cursor: pointer; color: rgb(0, 0, 0...

  • WoW: Retail (Shadowlands)UCSKFM (PvE)Warrior
    Report User #4064 16.01.2021 13:55
    #1002 New
    Condem Issue

    using KFM once you get the Power of Culling of the weak when condem is useable at all Health% it does not Prio Condem . It casts random spells. It should only cast Mortal Strike to refresh Deep wounds and just Spam Condem

  • WoW: Retail (Shadowlands)UCSHands FreeMonk
    Report Goat 16.01.2021 02:14
    Status changed 16.01.2021 09:19
    #1001 Denied
    Grapple Weapon logic

    For some reason, Disarm logic never disarms MM Hunter / Enhance shaman on burst. This is true for Arms Warrior as well.

  • WoW: Retail (Shadowlands)UCSHands FreePaladin
    Report Goat 16.01.2021 02:13
    Status changed 16.01.2021 09:21
    #1000 Denied
    Ret pala /hf savepower burst feedback

    <code class="inline" style="margin-top: -0.2em; margin-bottom: -0.2em; padding: 0.2em; border: none; font-family: Consolas, "Andale Mono WT", "Andale Mono", "Lucida Console", "Lucida Sans Typewriter", "DejaVu Sans Mono", "Bitstream Vera Sans Mono", "Liberation Mono", "Nimbus Mono L", Monaco, "Courier New", Courier, monospace; font-size: 13.6px; vertical-align: baseline; line-height: 1.125rem; white-space...

  • WoW: Retail (Shadowlands)LuaBoxHands FreeMonk
    Report User #2724 15.01.2021 23:18
    Status changed 16.01.2021 09:28
    #998 Denied
    Manual cc logic


    Recently I found out that you had a macro that caused cc like leg sweep and fear to not be casted when no enemies in range and this got me an idea.

    If possible i would like cc to not go of if target is immune. Example could be that you accidently cast /hf cast Paralysis when enemy warrior popped blade storm 0.5 sec earlier. With this logic you wont waste it. 

    Second i would like manual cc not to overlap teammates cc. This wo...

  • WoW: Retail (Shadowlands)UCSHands FreeDemon Hunter
    Report Farid 15.01.2021 20:50
    Status changed 16.01.2021 09:40
    #997 Fixed
    The Hunt and /stopcasting

    When using a HF macro to cast The Hunt it should not try to cast another time when we manually cancel it with /stopcasting.

    Please make The Hunt with /hf cast [@target] The Hunt  macro only cast once, if it is manually cancelled by player with /stopcasting macro.


    High rated DH's use The Hunt not just for dmg, but to bait enemy teams into wasting CD's. This...

  • WoW: Retail (Shadowlands)UCSHands FreeDemon Hunter
    Report Farid 15.01.2021 20:29
    Status changed 16.01.2021 10:22
    #996 Fixed
    Remove dodge kidney option from settings

    This option was added in BFA since we could dodge kidney shots with our blade dance. However Blizzard has removed the dodge component of blade dance, so we are unable to do this.

    This setting might confuse new players so please remove it since it is currently not possible in SL.

  • WoW: Retail (Shadowlands)UCSHands FreeDemon Hunter
    Report Farid 15.01.2021 20:25
    Status changed 16.01.2021 10:22
    #995 Fixed
    Immune storm bolts vs warriors

    Currently I've seen the rotation shadowmeld storm bolts perfectly in a few matches. Demon Hunters that play at the highest rating also evade storm bolts, but with their honor talent Rain from Above where you immume the storm bolt in the short window while you are flying up (you are immume to everything in this window).

    Please make this option a tickbox in the settings so people can choose to immume or not to immume storm bolts with Rain from Above. Also make it higher prio to...

  • WoW: Retail (Shadowlands)UCSHands FreeWarrior
    Report Overtime 15.01.2021 18:28
    Status changed 16.01.2021 10:22
    #994 Fixed
    Unhinged + Sweeping Strikes + Bladestorm

    So I think a new checkbox needs to be created for HF warrior as this wont work for all warriors who don't use the Unhinged legendary. I recently discovered that if you use the Unhinged legendary and cast sweeping strikes before bladestorm, those mortal strikes will cast 2x as long as you are bladestorming into a group of people. That being said Sweeping Strikes NEEDS to be casted before bladestorming for the extra procs from Mortal Strike. 

    Like i said it only works with...

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