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  • WoW: Retail (Shadowlands)UCSKFM (PvE)Rogue
    Report User #2696 23.11.2020 04:33
    Status changed 24.11.2020 11:33
    #91 Fixed
    Rupture settings not working

    The advanced settings for rupture (use only under specified health / # of targets) don't seem to be working. 

  • WoW: Retail (Shadowlands)EWTHands FreeWarlock
    Report User #210 23.11.2020 03:21
    Status changed 04.12.2020 07:55
    #90 Fixed
    Rampant Afflictions not support

    Please add support for rampant afflictions which allows keeping unstable affliction up on 3 targets.

  • WoW: Retail (Shadowlands)EWTHands FreeWarlock
    Report User #210 23.11.2020 03:16
    Status changed 04.12.2020 07:58
    #89 Fixed
    Not using rapid contagion

    Spams all shards on malefic rapture and not using rapid contagion

  • WoW: Retail (Shadowlands)UCSHands FreeRogue
    Report User #2738 22.11.2020 20:36
    Status changed 04.12.2020 07:59
    #88 Denied
    Kidneyshot toggle PvE/PvP

    Please add a toggle for using Kidneyshot in PvE and/or in PvP

  • WoW: Retail (Shadowlands)UCSKFM (PvE)Warlock
    Report User #1618 22.11.2020 15:20
    Status changed 24.11.2020 11:28
    #87 Fixed
    Demonic Strength

    Good day UCS Teams,

    If Character has Felguard pet and when Felguard performing felstorm, Character may be stuck in about 4 seconds because character are trying to cast Demonic Strength which is not available at that moment


  • WoW: Retail (Shadowlands)UCSKFM (PvE)Paladin
    Report SMK#5474 21.11.2020 18:22
    Status changed 24.11.2020 11:24
    #85 Fixed
    Necessary spells usage

    KFM doesnt use the important spell `Hammer of wrath` for fullfilling rotation meanwhile all active rotation spells are on CD. Also we dont have Divine shield, Blessing of Spellwarding (Blessing of Protection), Blessing of Sacrifice usage. Could you add the same settings for these 4 defensive skills the same as you did with Lay of Hands please? That would help a lot with saving your own butt and mate...

  • WoW: Retail (Shadowlands)LuaBoxHands FreePriest
    Report User #418 21.11.2020 09:08
    Status changed 04.12.2020 08:02
    #84 Denied
    LOS Grounding Totem

    When a enemy use Grounding totem LOS rotation stops and wait until it can see it or disapers.
    Just SWP a any target and the totem is gone and continue rotation.

  • WoW: Retail (Shadowlands)UCSKFM (PvE)Warlock
    Report User #2471 21.11.2020 08:29
    Status changed 24.11.2020 11:27
    #83 Fixed
    Dark iron racial in not using

    Cr is not using fireblood even if set to always and cd enabled.

  • WoW: Retail (Shadowlands)UCSHands FreeDruid
    Report user9000 21.11.2020 01:25
    Status changed 21.11.2020 08:50
    #82 Denied
    CR not using Blood Talons correctly

    It keep using retab before every rip/ferocious bite like we should before 9.0

  • WoW: Retail (Shadowlands)UCSKFM (PvE)Druid
    Report Sera#4920 20.11.2020 13:10
    Status changed 21.11.2020 01:44
    #81 Denied

    Iam not sure but i  feel  more delay, may it can be from server cause many people come back.