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1. Extract the files from the archive anywhere you want

2. Rename UnitedCombatSolutions.exe file to any random name and run it. It may take a few seconds for the UI to pop up. Note that UCS will not launch when WoW is running

3. Check your PC for compatibility with “Check your PC” button. Make sure VT-x (AMD-v) is supported. If at the same time VT-x (AMD-v) is not enabled, load BIOS (if unsure how, Google it), find a setting related to “virtualization” and turn it on. If you have difficulties, contact our support

4. You should uninstall any non-default Windows anti-virus as it may affect UCS performance. Please read the System Requirements section for more info. At first launch, you may want to delete World of Warcraft\_retail_ \Cache and World of Warcraft\_classic_ \Cache folders

5. If you do not have a UCS account yet ( account is different!), click Create a new UCS account” and register in the system. Security code will be sent to your email once you press “Send” button (check spam box too). Then input the UCS recharge card number from the PROFILE area of the website (not your credit card!) to “Recharge Card” field. If you were referred by a friend, you can enter his email in the field accordingly to receive bonus credits

6. Login to the UCS launcher

7. You can always activate additional recharge cards later, simply click your balance at top right corner and choose “Recharge” option

8. Select a menu option from the left side (Trial, Value Packs or Rotations) for the type of game you need (Shadowlands or Classic), then select a category at the top, choose the module and press “Details”

9. A new window pops up where you can read the product (module) description, select (click) subscription duration and then “Subscribe now”. The next pop-up window may invite you to grab a trial before purchase. Read it and confirm your choice

10. Choose the type of game you play (Shadowlands or Classic) and the sessions (number of WoW instances running at the same time on the same PC for multiboxing) then click “Launch!”. Every user gets 2 sessions for free. Attention, if you choose to launch multiple sessions, you must start that exact number of WoWs right after launching UCS

11. On first start-up you will be asked to locate Wow.exe. Navigate to your World of Warcraft installation folder and then open either _retail_ (for Shadowlands) or _classic_ (for Classic) folder. In the UCS settings you may also make the game launch automatically after UCS loads up

12. After you close the Settings, click “Launch!”. Read the warning message and confirm it. Once ready (3/3 steps are complete), you will see the “Launch successful” message. Confirm it to close the launcher. Then launch WoW manually or wait for UCS to start it (depends on your settings choice). 

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